CommScope 喧闹 PartnerPRO Network

Our go-to-market strategy is uniquely focused on partner relationships - it's in our DNA. 简单地说, your success is our success and together we provide high-performance, 安全, reliable access to applications and services.

喧闹 is redefining connectivity around the globe, innovating across wired and wireless technology to meet customer and industry-specific needs and the most demanding use cases. Our high-performance network infrastructure provides 安全, reliable access to applications and services no matter how tough the environment.

Become a 喧闹 PartnerPRO Networking Partner

For companies that want to market, sell and deliver Ruckus wired and/or wireless products and services.

Program benefits


Now meets next

CommScope's 喧闹 is shaping the future of wired and wireless communications. Our combined global team of employees, innovators and technologists have empowered customers in all regions of the world to anticipate what’s next and push the boundaries of what’s possible.


喧闹 100%的频道焦点, leading technology, and award-winning 喧闹 PartnerPRO Network Program set the foundation for a successful relationship. 喧闹 provides extensive resources, 培训, incentives and engagement to help build a trusted and mutually profitable relationship.

All partners have access to the exclusive 喧闹的合作伙伴门户 which provides a wealth of resources and information to enable, inform and support your ability to successfully sell 喧闹 solutions.

For companies that want to market, sell and deliver 喧闹 wired and/or wireless products and services, we offer two partnership tiers for solution providers, each with distinct enablement and paths to profitability. 除了, our specializations recognize skills and expertise in specific areas and provide an opportunity to earn incremental benefits. 了解更多 about the partner tiers and specialization options in our 程序手册概述.